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A Father’s Perspective

Mr. F. Kennedy Jr.,

I am a parent, an original member of the Autism Society of America, on its board for over 35 years and one of its past national presidents.  I was a “disciple” of our autism society founder, the late Dr. Bernard Rimland, who literally wrote the book on autism (Early Infantile Autism) in 1964.  His autism knowledgeability was without equal, and guided the policies and positions of the National Autism Society from 1965 until his death in 2006.  The Autism Research Institute (ARI) he also founded remains today the most reliable autism research organization in the field.

Dr. Rimland’s position on vaccines – since 1990, long before Big Pharma debunkers struck, and the Feds made the vaccine makers immune from vaccine causal lawsuits – advocated for independent research to determine the extent to which vaccinations may or may not trigger autism, and urged that doctors give vaccinations singly, at reasonable intervals, only when necessary, never in multiples doses with additives as binders and/or preservatives.

This “cause no harm” positon did not discourage vaccinations, nor did it deny that vaccinations save and have saved millions of lives and prevent many diseases and infections.  This position simply proposes procedural safety and reduced risk while independent research pursues and ascertains the truth.

This position has been that of our regional autism organization and is the advice we give parents of newborns and toddlers; namely “no multiple-vaccine injections – insist that your doctor space them out over time, and only when life, safety and/or serious illness is likely or threatened.”

Mr. Kennedy, we hope your investigation will result in the necessary independent research needed to reduce the threat to children’s health and lives – not to the profits of Big Pharma.


Daniel A. Torisky

Autism Society of Pittsburgh