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HEED Parents Group – 1966

Help and Education for Exceptional Dependents – the first parents’ group in Pennsylvania to represent all individuals with developmental disabilities including those with autism, cerebral palsy, epilepsy, specific learning disabilities and mental retardation.

Western Center Parents’ Group – 1967

Co-founded the first parents’ group at an institution in the state of Pennsylvania, and led to the founding of parents’ groups at all institutions in Pennsylvania, resulting in institutional reform as well as improvement of services and quality of life for individuals receiving residential care, treatment and habilitation at such centers  — public and private.

Police Training Film and Curriculum – 2001

At the invitation of the Pennsylvania Municipal Police Education and Training Center (MPOETC), prepared classroom curriculum and a 30-minute training tape describing characteristics of autism to enable law enforcement officers to deal appropriately with individuals with autism in custody after arrest or apprehension.

Transitioning to Adulthood – 2004

Based on PA Autism Task Force findings, prepared guidelines for overcoming governmental obstacles to effective transitioning to adulthood of those with autism.

Pennsylvania Autism Showcase Conference – 2006

Organized and chaired, highlighted the urgency and speeded up the implementation of key imperatives of the PA Autism Task Force, including establishment of the PA Bureau of Autism Services, and other groundbreaking initiatives.

 Keystone Autism Information System (KAIS) – 2009

Established a web-based, parent-fed, statistical autism information exchange, listing, statewide, services and establishments felt by parents to be accommodating to those with autism and their families.