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In the Classroom

Nine Special Education Centers – 1968 to 1975

Co-founded special education schools for students with developmental disabilities, ages 6 through 21, including jointure boards leading to construction and staffing of these schools by the Allegheny (County) Intermediate Unit.

Monroeville Developmental Center – 1969

Co-founded a program of pre-school experience for individuals with developmental disabilities regardless of diagnosis or specific label.  It later became a licensed pre-school program, called the St. Peter’s Child Development Center.

Autistic Children’s Program – 1972 to present

Co-founded with Allegheny Intermediate Unit; the state’s first specialized program of elementary and secondary education for children with autism, Pathfinder School in Bethel Park, PA.

Autism Support Classrooms – 1980 to present

Individually, as well as in a consulting capacity, we have been responsible for the creation of autism support classrooms in Allegheny County school districts, we well as in the City of Pittsburgh – addressing school boards, as well as providing information and support for parents and other professionals in the school systems seeking to create such classrooms.

SPECTRUM Charter School – 2000 to present

Co-founded first charter school in the country to combine classroom education with vocational instruction and training for individuals with autism spectrum disorders, ages 13-21, enabling them to be graduated into community-based employment.