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Autism-Friendly Services Available

Sensory-Friendly Screenings Offered Monthly at AMC Lowes Waterfront 22

AMC Theatres (AMC) and the Autism Society have teamed up to bring families affected by autism and other disabilities a special opportunity to enjoy their favorite films in a safe and accepting environment on a monthly basis with the “Sensory Friendly Films” program.

In order to provide a more comfortable setting for this unique audience, the movie auditoriums will have their lights brought up and the sound turned down, families will be able to bring in their own gluten-free, casein-free snacks, and no previews or advertisements will be shown before the movie. Additionally, audience members are welcome to get up and dance, walk, shout or sing – in other words, AMC’s “Silence is Golden®” policy will not be enforced unless the safety of the audience is questioned.

Call us at 412-856-7223 or AMC Loews Waterfront Theater 22 at 412-462-6550 for more information.

 Dental Care for Autistic Children

tooth graphicOne of the biggest challenges autism families face is a routine trip to the dentist. With unusual smells, sounds and sensations, dental treatments can be overwhelming and unbearable to an autistic child or teenager.

With this in mind, the University of Pittsburgh School of Dental Medicine offers a dental clinic through its Center for Patients with Special Needs.

The CSPN provides a full range of services including cleanings, x-rays, restorative dentistry, and oral surgery.

Emphasis is put on providing appropriate, compassionate care with modifications made to equipment and the setting to make it more comfortable and safe for the special needs patient. Behavior guidance and pharmacological management through nitrous oxide, IV sedation and general anesthesia are offered in conjunction with the Department of Pediatric Dentistry and the Anesthesiology Department.

Most insurance plans, including Medicaid, are accepted.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, contact the University of Pittsburgh School of Dental Medicine at 412-648-3039 for patients 15 years or older or 412-648-8930 for infants to age 14.

Free Diaper Assistance

The Pennsylvania Department of Welfare reports that if your child is over the age of 3 and is still not potty trained, you may be eligible to obtain free diapers through Medical Assistance.

Medicaid and Medicaid HMO’s will only cover the supplies if the child is older than 3 years of age and if a physician deems them medically necessary. You will be required to obtain a prescription, authorization, or a referral, in lieu of a prescription from your primary care physician. Contact your managed care organization for specific information.

Tri-Medical Rehab Supply is a supplier of diapers that accepts Medicaid. You can contact them toll-free 800-541-0734.

diaperMedicaid and Medicaid HMO’s allow you to get products every 30 days. If the supplies are ordered through Tri-Medical Rehab Supply, there is no charge for shipping. Please keep in mind that Tri-Med only services Pennsylvania and Ohio.